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Hello, Welcome to Shalopy Music Productions!

Unique, off the wall, unique, and bizarre musical creations covering all genres of music ranging from Rock, Rap, Country, Instrumental and everything in between. 

How I Create My Music?

Shalopy is not a band so you will not be going to your local music venue any time soon to see me perform. I create all of my music using the Garage Band Multi Track Editing App.   I perform all guitar and vocals my self and everything else is digitally created.   I absolutely love being able to incorporate the thousands of sounds and instruments available to me on GB while creating catchy tunes.  

Right Now This Is Just A Hobby

You only live once.  I am in my early 50's and have never played professionally.  Most of my experience comes from playing with  friends around a camp fire, or a basement jam session with fellow musicians. 

I Write All Of My Songs

I started writing and producing songs 4 years ago and have finally made the decision to release some of my creations that have been collecting digital dust on hard drives for a while now!

They Keep Saying, You Have To Release Your Music To The Public

Friends and family say they love my music.  I am always asked  "Got Any More Songs Paul?"   It is always hard to take compliments from loved ones seriously so I did eventually release a Tik Tok video with one of my originals and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive up until Tik Tok  removed my song for confusing reasons.  Apparently there is a process, and I am taking the appropriate steps to get released on several platforms.   My only expectation is that folks enjoy my music.  The idea that  I may put a smile on a face, or make someone dance is good enough payment for now.  If I end up making a few bucks a long the way , even better.
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4100 Ross Street, Okawville, IL

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